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Dr. Rodney Aziz

Owner and Principal GP of Family Doctor Pty Ltd

About Dr. Rodney Aziz

Dr. Rodney Aziz is Owner and Principal GP at Family Doctor Pty Ltd, located in Melbourne, Australia. Family Doctor encompasses a network of GP owned and operated medical and dental practices committed to comprehensive patient care. As a like-minded group of physicians, Dr. Aziz is thankful to have gathered a team that is dedicated to helping people by using their unique skills and passions in medical care.

Prior to his current role, Dr. Aziz was an Emergency Department Senior Doctor in a number of emergency departments in Australia. Dr. Aziz’s studies in higher education began at the University of Melbourne where he received his Bachelor’s in Medicine and his Bachelor’s in Surgery. Dr. Rodney Aziz completed his Fellowship at the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia, and he received a Diploma from the College of Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery where he studied as a Cosmetic Doctor.

Dr. Aziz’s specialities in cosmetic surgery include anti-wrinkle injection, laser treatment, and dermal fillers.

About Family Doctor Pty Ltd

As the Director of Family Doctor Ltd, Dr. Rodney Aziz oversees a group of medical and dental practices around Australia. Founded in 2008. Aziz’s mission is to gather like minded doctors or practice owners who are interested in succession planning, or even the idea of relieving themselves of the day-to-day administrative burdens of owning and operating a general practice. If you’re interested in looking for more on this, be sure to contact to discuss further.

Dr. Aziz is passionate about spreading his love for healthcare and medicine, and he has published articles related to the future of family medicine, how to choose the right doctor, and how to identify different types of depression.

In addition to his career in healthcare, Dr. Rodney Aziz is interested in business and entrepreneurship, and – as a business owner himself – knows the importance of learning the ins and outs of these methodologies in order to give your dream a fighting chance. In all areas, leadership is of utmost importance to Dr. Aziz, and he knows that, despite all the talent in the world, if people aren’t rallied behind a common goal, the dream will ultimately fail. For more on that, be sure to follow Dr. Aziz’s work over at!

“I really love getting to blend my passion for entrepreneurship and medicine,” says Dr. Rodney Aziz when asked about his career. “It’s truly exciting to wake up and do what I love everyday. And even though it’s not without its trials, I count myself truly blessed to be able to use my passion to help people.”

When not working, Dr. Aziz loves spending time with his family and friends, and enjoying beautiful Melbourne.

For more on Dr. Rodney Aziz, be sure to follow him online for the latest insights and updates!

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