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Making use of all of the therapeutic tools that you have at your disposal is important in the medical world. All of the advanced scientific equipment might not be as effective as some of the classics either. For example, using just a little bit of humor in an appropriate situation might help a patient to feel a bit better. A simple therapeutic tool such as this can really make a difference and it’s a good idea to think about ways that you can help patients along.

Managing Stress

Stress is something that can build up when a patient is going through a difficult time. Even a minor surgery can be very nerve-wracking for a patient to have to go through. This is why using humor as a therapeutic tool has worked well for so many healthcare workers. A small joke or something else along those lines might help the patient to laugh or smile during a tough time.

You can connect with other people much better if you have a good sense of humor. This can allow you to engage with patients on a deeper level and you’ll be able to set them at ease. Humor in this setting is about knowing when it’s appropriate and never taking things too far. You just want to be able to talk to your patient and to provide a little bit of levity.

How to Know When to Use Humor

Developing a type of gentle humor is likely going to get the best results. It keeps you from going too crazy with your jokes while allowing you to potentially share a laugh and a few genuine moments with patients. If you sense that a patient isn’t in the mood for a joke, then you have to use your emotional intelligence to refrain from saying anything. It’s just about being smart and observing the situation to know when to take certain actions.

Some patients might respond well just to the presence of someone who cares. If humor doesn’t seem to be a good tactic, then being there to listen and to provide a calming presence might work wonders. Gauge your patients and try to understand their personalities. If you do so, then you’ll be able to pull out the right therapeutic tool to get good results.