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Health care in Australia is going through many problems currently. It seems that many officials are content with building large new hospitals and hoping that it will solve the healthcare issues that Australia is facing. In reality, these issues are not something that can be helped by building more facilities. Many experts think that Australia will need fewer hospitals in the future that are set up to be more flexible. 

One of the big problems that Australia is facing is learning how to properly care for the elderly and for those who are in the end stages of serious illnesses. Healthcare officials recognize the need for change, but it seems that many in Australia still keep pushing to build more large healthcare facilities. Many argue that they should look at overseas models to see how health care can work more efficiently. Focusing on health outcomes can make hospitals less busy and the need for large facilities will diminish. 

Focusing on Preventative Care and Making Australia Healthier

Focusing on preventative care and making Australia healthier could significantly reduce the need for hospitals. If health practices can be promoted through various social programs, then people will be healthier overall. Many see this as a great solution for many problems, but action has yet to be taken on a large scale. Changing the way that health care is approached from a treatment-based system to a preventative system might be the answer that Australia needs. 

Why Isn’t Change Occurring?

Change isn’t occurring because at the moment the Australian government seems to have a stake in continuing to build more hospitals. Some find the building of new hospitals to be redundant and others think that it’s just a bandage trying to cover a gaping wound. Most experts agree that the answer does not lie in creating more facilities to manage. The management structure needs to approach things differently to promote true change in the country. 

Moving forward, the healthcare industry in Australia needs to come together to do what is best for society. This means looking at health care in practical ways and seeking to manage it effectively. Building more facilities is likely a waste of resources and approaching the healthcare needs of the people from new angles will lead to better results. Time will tell if changes will occur or whether the status quo will be maintained.